Clinical genomics makes current medical practice obsolete

XY Leap Reseller Enquiries

Precision Medicine International Limited is an Aotearoa (New Zealand) based company that was founded in 2012 to provide precision medical genomic testing and analysis services to hospitals and clinics in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.

PMIL's proprietary software, XY Leap is an internationally registered medical device (GMDN code 61777) that analyses and visualizes human genome data from results obtained through molecular genetic testing (e.g., whole genome, targeted genome, or exome analyses).

The XY Leap Precision Medicine Analytics Platform guides medical therapies and lifestyle interventions to prevent and treat injuries and diseases including obesity, diabetes, depression, cancer and cardiovascular disease. PMIL's proprietary PGx platform, XY Analytics, incorporate US FDA-recommended clinical genomics into medical decision-making (i.e., the genotype-phenotype relationships in PGx-guided individualized drug therapy).

XY Leap’s point of difference is that the platform is designed by practising physicians that integrate the technology at specific steps in the clinical care pathway to maximise the patient's outcomes.

XY Leap™ is white-labelled precision medicine analytic platform developed to deliver individualized medical treatments.